What is Lagos Connect?

Lagos connect is a prepaid smartcard used for electronic fare payment on Primero Buses. The Lagos connect smartcard can be used on designated Primero Transport routes, for now namely Ikorodu to TBS.

How to use your card?

Simply validate the card by touching it on the front validator i.e. check in, and on exiting the bus, ‘check-out’ by touching it on the back validator. The system will deduct full fare on check-in N300 and refund the outstanding balance on the card, by calculating the distance between the entry station and exit station, if full journey is not made.

If the value on your card is zero or negative, your card needs to be reloaded with a minimum of N300 before it can be used again.

The Lagos Connect card can be used on any bus with validator installed.

How do I top-up my card?

You can top-up your card from existing paper ticket dealer at the bus shelters along the BRT corridor. Card top-up will soon be available online and other retail outlets.

Is there a minimum top-up value?

No, but you must have a minimum balance of N300 to use the card on any of the buses.

How do I know the amount am being charged?

When you check out on the back validator, the validator displays the amount being charged as well as the remaining balance on the card.

Is there expiration on my LAGOS CONNECT Smartcard?

Each card has an expiration period of 3 years, after which the card is being renewed

Benefits of reporting card loss?

By reporting the loss of your card using the Lagos Connect hot line, you can prevent unauthorized use and minimise possible loss of fund if your card is registered.

How much do I pay for card replacement?

The sum of N500 (Five Hundred Naira)

Why have I been charged a maximum journey fare?

A maximum fare is charged if you do not tap-in and tap-out correctly on the same bus. The system needs to know where your journey starts and ends to calculate the fare.

If the validator displays the “Sorry systems Error charging max fare only” This is due to loss of network to the validator.

What should I do if I have a negative balance on my card?

You will need to top-up to clear negative balance. You will have an “Insufficient Fund” response when attempting to board a bus with negative balance.

What can make my card to malfunction?

Broken card or Blocked card. Please always ensure you keep your card safe in your wallet and do not bend your


How can I review my balance?

Using the new ticketer mPos held by vendor agent at the bus stations or on the bus validator when tapping-in.

Benefit of registering card.

If your card is registered, your funds are secure and you can always get a refund in case of loss/theft subject to the terms and conditions. Means of identification

Can I share my card with my spouse and children?

NO, only one person can use a card at a time

How do I register my card?

With our card registration agent at the point of purchase. This will soon be available online.

How can I make suggestions, complaints or comments about the Lagos Connect?

Phone: You can call our passenger help desk on 0700callE-purse Customer care line 07002255378773,

E-mail us on support@e-pursesystems.com, or you can drop your comments and suggestions at any of our depots, kiosks or offices.

Important: Always capture the bus code/number your card was used on should you have any complaints.

What happens if my Lagos Connect Card doesn’t work?

It is rare for Lagos Connect smartcard to stop working, but if yours does, contact a member of staff or call the customer helpline. You cannot use your Lagos Connect card for travel until this issue has been resolved.